ENIGMA was established by ELITE GROUP in Egypt in 2003 involved in design, manufacturing and marketing of a wide selection of women’s wear across numerous categories including clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags and accessories, our products were designed in Italy and manufactured with the highest quality in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
We are known for creating and developing a successful unique style of our own, dedicated to delivering exquisite product to our customers around the globe.
Our collection was created with a keen eye on fashion, always keeping the design fashionable, our style was decided from the very beginning, ‘perfection, Splendor and Elegance’ were our main points.

ENIGMA is a global leader in premium bags, shoes and
Building upon our strong brand and business equities, we are a well-known manufacturer and exporter for a wide variety of bags, our products have the highest brand recognition across the nation Throughout our years of establishment, we have built a respectable reputation amongst the industry field, and we strive to uphold this proud history of ours and continue to provide our customers with excellent services and experiences.

Casual Wear

Our team of designers with extensive background knowledge of fabrics and garment construction paved the way for our entry into the fashion manufacturing business. Featuring carefully selected fabrics and the highest-quality workmanship, these collections project a fashion forward image. Authenticity, self-confidence, individuality –this is the essence of ENIGMA. Our collections are characterized in particular by attention to detail, perfect fit and extraordinary color precision, we have services that starts from raw material sourcing, product design and development, manufacturing to logistics services,we keep watching to the upcoming trend, providing the latest items to each of our customers.

Our shoes

At ENIGMA we manufacture the highest quality footwear for women whether it’s platform, peep-toe, sling backs, and closed-toe pumps, flat, and high heel sandals, fashion flats, women’s wedges, boots, sandals, and sneakers we have it all.
The company believes in maintaining quality, comfort and affordability. We all know that “Quality comes with a price” but the company makes all possible efforts to give high quality at affordable prices and due to this reason only it is very popular among the masses.
The company’s target audience is middle-class segment because high-quality products are available at economic prices.

Mission & Vision

Our mission has always been to transform fashion by offering wide variety of apparel options that match thepersonality of each of our customers, without having to compromise the smallest of details, in order for our customers to fit in while standing out.
We believe that our customers deserve to find the designs they desire at both the right quality and price.
At ENIGMA, we do our best to provide this combination at our stores across Egypt for the convenience and satisfaction of our customers.

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